Corporate Events
From conferences to tradeshows, Babylon Events can source the venue that is most suitable for you. We will set up using the highest quality equipment, offer set design services for your presentations, and create an unparalleled presence for you and your brand.

We offer:
Venue scouting and booking.
Event dressing and styling.
Audio/Visual equipment.
Catering, accommodation and transport.
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  • For a more personal touch, let us help you organise a family day out for your employees and their loved ones. It’s an opportunity to get to know your employees on a more personal level and to thank them for their hard work. Family days are perfect for children and parents alike. Parents can relax and unwind, whilst their children are entertained in a safe, secure and friendly environment.
  • Team Building days are more than just a day out - they increase levels of communication across companies, and serve as an opportunity to reward employees for their hard work. They are also excellent morale boosters, increasing loyalty to the employer and accelerating levels of work productivity. Lastly, they are fantastic fun and a great day out! We provide a large range of indoor and outdoor activites to help you motivate and reward your staff.